Results of the day
1Henrik Mård43.95
2Anders Bergstrom40.5
3Anders Åhlén35.85
4Anders Åhlén35.82

Drevviken is too small for really high speeds, so I am happy doing over 40 knots on this lake! 

Nice company of Mården and Benke today. Good to see Benke on a ice board! :-)   

Had some short runs in the gusts and mostly enjoyed looking at all boards at Drevviken, from beginners to our most dedicated sailors. Probably Henrik and Anders B hit the old records (first and second place best 2 s) at Drevviken with some knots. Unfortunately som were injured. One lost his consciousness for 1-2 minutes hitting ice with his head.

Thre blade run at hard ice.

was way better punch in the gust than exeptet .

unfurtelny my  son  was out with a to big kite  and get cought by a gust that send him to hospital by a helicopter . hoppfily it sems to get prety well after sercumtiance ...