Andrew Daff
Sandy Point, Victoria
KA Sails Australia
73 kg
Weight Class
177 cm
Age class
Super Master (61-70)
Member since
Saturday, October 23, 2004
Sessions posted


Board brandBoard typeSizeVolumeProd. YearBoard ClassLogo
Carbon ArtSp 4040 x 235 cm60 l2008Speed/Slalom Xtra Small
JPSlalom V 5454 x 236 cm72 l2009Speed/Slalom Small
Ocean MotionSpeed Needle37 x 253 cm0 l1989Speedboard
Ocean MotionSpeed/Slalom47 x 252 cm60 l1997Speed/Slalom Xtra Small
Ocean MotionSpeed/Slalom (Older)47 x 253 cm65 l1991Speed/Slalom Xtra Small
Ocean MotionSpeed Tandem51 x 323 cm120 l1991Special / Longboard
StarboardFormula 186100 x 268 cm186 l2002Formula (>95)
StarboardiSonic 5046 x 217 cm50 l2007Speed/Slalom Xtra Small
StarboardPro Kids Sonic48 x 212 cm50 l2006Speed/Slalom Xtra Small
StarboardAcid 7452 x 246 cm74 l2004Speed/Slalom Small
StarboardiSonic 8756 x 243 cm87 l2007Speed/Slalom Small
StarboardiSonic 11168 x 234 cm111 l1988Slalom Medium
StarboardiSonic 11168 x 234 cm111 l2008Slalom Medium
StarboardHypersonic 10577 x 227 cm105 l2003Slalom Large
StarboardGO 17090 x 256 cm170 l2005Slalom Xtra Large
Time Machine3434 x 253 cm50 l1989Speedboard


Sail brandSail typeSizeProd. YearSail ClassLogo
KA SailsKaos3.72004-
KA SailsKoncept 20114.02011Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20134.22013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20144.22014Slalom
KA SailsKontrol4.22000-
KA SailsKoncept 20104.32010Slalom
KA SailsKoncept4.42006-
KA SailsKoncept 4.42007-
KA SailsKoncept4.42008-
KA SailsKoncept4.42009Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20114.42011Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20134.62013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20144.62014Slalom
KA SailsKontrol4.72000-
KA SailsKoncept 20104.92010Slalom
KA SailsGSX Race5.01993-
KA SailsKoncept5.02009Slalom
KA SailsKoncept5.02007-
KA SailsKoncept 20115.02011Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20125.02012Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20135.02013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20145.02014Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20155.02015Slalom
KA SailsKoncept5.42016Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20135.42013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20145.42014Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20155.42015Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20165.42016Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20165.42016Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20165.42016Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20175.42017Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20105.72010Slalom
KA SailsKoncept5.82009-
KA SailsKoncept5.82008-
KA SailsKoncept5.82007-
KA SailsKoncept 20135.82013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20145.82014Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20155.82015Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20165.82016Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20165.82016Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20136.22013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20146.22014Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20156.22015Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20176.22017Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20106.42010Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 6.62007-
KA SailsKoncept6.62008-
KA SailsKoncept6.62009Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20136.62013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20156.62015Slalom
KA SailsKoyote6.62008-
KA SailsRace7.12017Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20107.32010Slalom
KA SailsKoncept7.52009Slalom
KA SailsKoncept7.52006-
KA SailsKoncept 20137.52013Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20147.52014Slalom
KA SailsRace7.92017Slalom
KA SailsKoncept 20108.32010Slalom
KA SailsKoyote8.42007-
KA SailsKoncept9.02008-
KA SailsKA Formula9.82007-
KA SailsKoncept 201765.42017Slalom
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BOO_Bays Western Australia Australia
Daffys Mile - Westernport Bay Victoria Australia
Frenchmans Bay Western Australia Australia
Inverloch, Victoria - Australia
Lake George, SA - Australia
Luderitz Speed Canal - Namibia
Marley Point - Lake Wellington - Australia
Sandy Point, Victoria - Australia