Hi All

I managed to lose my GT31 whilst sailing at Matas Blancas on Friday. Shit happens. Now I'm not expecting to ever see it again as it is probably still on it's way to Africa but one day it will no doubt wash up on some foreign shore. The unfortunate thing is it wasn't marked up in any way so will remain anonymous to whomever finds it which set me to thinking.

It would be an excellent idea if we all stored a text file on the memory card with the owners contact details should it ever be found by someone honest enough to return it or at least make contact via your email address to let you know where it ended up. Think how amazing it would be to get a message some time in the future from possibly thousands of miles away to say it had been found!

And if by some miracle someone should be reading this and finds mine washed up on their shores in it's waterproof pouch it's got a small pink square foam under the toggle button and the user name would show as S352E. Stranger things have happened.