Do you think have the possibilty to split the speed performance in two main categorie : Speed and Slalom is a good thing ?

There is lot of spot where we don t use speed board and where we are in slalom gear.

It s simple to split this, we have just to ue ISAF board list ...

What do you think ?

Yann FRA-5

Good idea!!

Hi, we will discuss within the team....maybe we have to run a poll to find out how many members support this...

I think it will be hard to draw a line there...

May i ask you to explain ?

Good idea!

ISAF boardlist also contains speedboards (i.e. Missile, Falcon Speed, Carbon Art, ...) whereas custom slalom boards are missing.

As already mentioned it's hard to draw a line between small slalomboard and big speedboard.

I currently don't have a premium membership. Can't you just apply the board category filter to your results?



There two different list, one for speed board , one for slalom board .... i m not sur it will be hard to draw the line .... custom are marginal on the web site for that we to put all custome on speed categorie because lot of slalom board are series production for now ! when we want we can :-)