Results of the day
1Jeffrey Brown34.83
2Rob Myles30.36

We got blown off this ice today! The surface was really poor quality, grade 2-3 very rough with hummocks, frozen moguls and many snowmobile tracks.

Any board speeds over 40 knots were uncontrollable, so it was just survival to make a simple run accross the lake.

The wind power was incredible, snow squalls, really nukelear winds.

We imagined if the surface was even a few grades better, we would have had incredible speeds with the room we had!

At some point, got to ask yourself, is it enough fun, and perhaps too risky? Me and Rob pulled the plug at lunch , a couple other brave souls as well.

Probably the last time on the ice this season as the surface can only get worse, not better...before its gone.

Only Skiis rule this surface, Kitewingers do well!