Selling my 2019 JP Custom 40cm, bought from Vincent after Luderitz 2019. 

Shaped by Werner Gnigler for Vincent, Hans & Jacques, this board got Vincent 51.7avg in Luderitz 2019, and 53.38. this year.

Vincent used an identical board this year to achieve the fastest 1sec peak speed ever (56 knots), and was within sniffing distance of the overall WR.

Board design is bevelled tail, and THIN profile with concave deck, for chop killing and control in rough stuff.

I have done 52peak and 49.36/500 on it, and am only selling as for next Luderitz I need identical board but in smaller size.

Board is in Ireland, shipping by UPS no problem at buyers cost, **but note to europe this costs approx €200. Other courier companies will not take parcels of this length.

Board in excellent condition, but requires small retouch to rail on one side at tail.  Can send pictures.

€850,  No offers.   (ir777)(@)(

Board reserved as SOLD.  Contact me if you want to be on waiting list